We design brand, digital experience & marketing campaigns that engage the right customers

Working in the Retail, Petroleum and Distribution industry over 20 years!

Working with Caltex, Metro Petroleum, New Sunrise and The Distributors in the retail and petroleum industry over the past 20 years has enabled strong design skills in point of sale, catalogues and web animation. Providing creativity with quick service at a great budget.

We will work together and understand your project using our creative process to meet your brief. Passionate in design with real industry experience. Contact us today!

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    social media & EDM

    Working closely with clients in social media such as Facebook and Instgram. From banners to ads, updating latest content. Creating EDM’s (electronic direct mail) to email out to all clients customers.

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    Printed material is still the most successful message which portrays an instant response. Some graphic design solutions are: • Brochures • Catalogues • Advertisements •  Point of sale • menu boards •  invitations • Promotional material

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    Branding is what makes up a company’s core meaning. All communications produced such as corporate colours, fonts and style portray a brand as a whole.

    • Produce company core values
    • Produce the company’s motto
    • Develop a logotype
    • Choose colours
    • Typefaces, visuals, Develop a style guide
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    Our business also supplies product photography which is usually needed to advertise in magazines, websites or flyers to reach and educate customers. At times, onsite photography such as conferences, corporate sites can also be organised.



VR Graphics was originally established in 1997. The business has grown over the years establishing strong relationships with our clients and in providing professional, quality graphic design solutions which are profitable and effective to their business. Our strategy is to produce creative and powerful communications to help increase sales. We believe in charging realistic prices for all our services to ensure businesses pay no more than they need to. Great Value. Great Work. Need it done yesterday? We provide a quick turn around to meet customers needs.

VR Graphics is continually driven by new challenges and working one on one with clients on all aspects of their project. Clients vary from big or small producing the right level of design solution for whatever is needed to increase sales.





First impressions are meaningful to success. We will create a clear high quality and successful brand, which can be implemented across all media.


Providing creative concepts for advertising in all forms of media from magazine ads, web banner adds to billboards.


Our business also supplies creating elements for websites, animation and edms.


Working closely with clients in social media such as Facebook and Instgram. From banners to ads, updating latest content.


Developing a clear strategy and planning for your brand will provide success. We research and evaluate your competition, audience and behaviour to implement a vision with difference.



Few of our Sample works


  • October 7, 2020
Hills College Qld

VR Graphics has been involved in new branding look n feels for the Hills College.

  • October 7, 2020
The Distributors Brisbane – Online Covid Packs

Developing online Covid survival packs.

  • October 7, 2020
The Distributors Brisbane – Bag-a-Bargain Catalogue

Producing monthly Catalogue during covid period to keep sales steady.

  • Chrish Graebner – LeVel Beverages (Arizona Tea, 28 Black, LeVel Lemonade)

    It has always been a pleasure working with Vanessa across our range over the years.
    Vanessa has worked on many Ads required for advertising magazines/publications, point of sale,
    banners and flyers for conferences as well as our 28 Black , AriZona Iced Tea as well
    as LeVeL Lemonade (if you, the esteemed reader, do not yet know about LeVeL Lemonade,
    please try one at a Caltex near you 😉 campaigns, including billboards and posters across Australia.

    She has always been reliable for our company as she can turn around ads very quickly meeting all deadlines.
    What I love about her is that she does not need micro managing – whilst she always adheres to the brief,
    she has the creativity and ability to come up with a visual SOLUTION that always looks great.
    Vanessa is always positive and courteous and is a pleasure
    to work with we would highly recommend her to other companies.

    Chrish Graebner – LeVel Beverages (Arizona Tea, 28 Black, LeVel Lemonade)
  • Garth Stanley – AusBev Pty Ltd (Sam’s Juice, Farmers Organic, Vitamin Water, Good 2 Grow)

    I could not speak more highly of Vanessa at VR Graphics who AusBev have been working with for over five years.

    Vanessa has a natural flare for design and I have never been disappointed.
    I have always experienced extremely good service in a professional and timely manner.

    Garth Stanley – AusBev Pty Ltd (Sam’s Juice, Farmers Organic, Vitamin Water, Good 2 Grow)
  • Chris Ashcroft – Stuart Alexander & Co.

    I have worked with Vanessa on many projects from design , artwork & concepts over the last 3 years
    and I have always found Vanessa extremely professional, creative and highly driven for results.

    Vanessa’s written & verbal communication is exceptional. Vanessa is reliable, efficient & resourceful
    in getting the job done. VR Graphics is an awesome company to work with and exceeds our expectations every time.

    I personally have no hesitation in recommending Vanessa / VR Graphics for great work every time.

    Chris Ashcroft – Stuart Alexander & Co.
  • Suzanne Wonson – Jack Links

    I cannot recommend VR Graphics highly enough. I have had the pleasure of working
    with Vanessa for many years and during this time she has proved to be creative, co-operative,
    flexible, professional and great fun!

    She is a delight to work with and is always full of new and inspirational ideas. Following briefs closely
    while injecting her innovative design ideas into all projects she works on. Her standout quality
    is the ability to ensure that a good-looking design onscreen translates well in print..
    A true professional. Will highly recommend!

    Suzanne Wonson – Jack Links
  • Paul Baron – Ogilvy

    Vanessa is a very thorough and diligent person. I enjoyed workingwith her on
    large advertising campaigns and would recommend
    as to future clients and
    employers as a great asset to any design
    or creative team.

    Paul Baron – Ogilvy
  • Matt Hall – Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

    I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Vanessa over a number
    of years as we requested advertising solutions for our trade partners.

    Given we work closely with a National Wholesale Group, it was particularly pleasing to work
    with someone who understood and balanced the sales and marketing needs
    of multiple parties and provided the solutions to suit.

    I’d imagine this is not always easy, but this was always achieved without issue
    & in a very effective & efficient style. I would certainly not hesitate recommending
    Vanessa at VR Graphics for any design needs if you want
    a hassle-free & friendly partner that delivers results

    Matt Hall – Bundaberg Brewed Drinks
  • Tony McIntosh – The Distributors Brisbane

    We have worked with VR Graphics over the years and we have
    always found them to be very professional and highly motivated in completing any job
    we have presented to them within a designated timeframe.
    Vanessa is extremely creative and her design work is exceptional.
    She has a talent for listening to our requirements and then creating something which addresses
    our needs beyond our expectations. VR Graphics is a fantastic company to work alongside
    and we are very happy with the manner in which our
    artwork, concepts, logos and other media are presented time after time.

    Tony McIntosh – The Distributors Brisbane
  • Renee Checchin – Cosmos Clinic Sydney

    It was an absolute pleasure working with VR Graphics on our design needs.
    Results were well above expectation, with extremely good communication.
    In all my dealings, Vanessa has been reliable, efficient
    and courteous. I would easily recommend consistently great work.

    Renee Checchin – Cosmos Clinic Sydney – Cosmos Clinic

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