We use unique design principles and in-depth laser targeted research to discover new ways of increasing your revenue and helping you overcome your competition. We help you target the right areas of your business to maximise your profits and minimise your efforts.




Meet the Creative Director of VR Graphics

Founder of VR Graphics, Vanessa is a design creative/finished artist with 20 years of industry experience. Graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic Design.

Working from pre-press through to in-house and advertising agencies gaining experience across the board. VR Graphics consists of a range of clients which has built up over the past 10 years which has been rewarding.

Continually expanding and developing skills and knowledge as a designer to be up to date in design and current trends. Working mostly on bigger brands – blue chip clients. Work with us today!

We create print and digital design to make your brand stand out. Real industry experience.

ABOUT VR Graphics

Providing creativity and passion with real industry experience. We deliver over and beyond and provide instant response with great quality work

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